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Created my first SAS dataset without using SAS

Well, around 14 months ago, I started on a journey to understand the SAS dataset so I could read and write one independently. Originally, I needed the functionality for a client but it became an obsession to figure it out. Client work and personal matters interfered non-stop but I have finally written my first SAS dataset using C# and .NET.

It isn't pretty (no data is in it) but it is a dataset and that is what matters. Putting data in is minor so I am not concerned about that.

A lot of effort still remains to get it all worked out but I am happy to be at this position. After cleaning the code up and finishing it, I plan on making interoperability tools to simplify interfacing with SAS, expecially in areas where SAS needs help (i.e. SSIS, MS Office).

It is a good day but it has taken a brutal amount of hours to accomplish this feat. I would not suggest to others to spend this amount of time on this issue: it is simply mind-numbing.

[Update 07/27/2009]

I just wrote my first data into th…

PM Stories

These are stories I have collected over the years. i hope people enjoy.

Project Managers In Practice (PIMP…sorry, PMIP)

Our first story involves a young PM, new to the project and not very technical

Ok, so I (senior consultant guy) have a project and there are 3 changes requested by the team:

1. Change a label (minor)
2. Allow a user to save their selections made on dropdowns (these select what displays in a grid)
3. Allow a user to change a grid and submit the values to another program

That’s all fine and good. I bid 44 hours to make the changes.

Team now wants a user to not only make the grid changes (#3) but save those changes as well. So PM says change 2 & 3 are now merged. We need to save selections and grid entries.

I said, OK, slight increase in scope, 50 hours total.

PM says, wait, we merged 2 & 3 together so now we only have 2 changes not 3 so it should be a decrease in hours.

PM survival tip #1: Reduce scope by merging letters on the plan and hope no one notices.

Story 2 involve…