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SaviDataSet Alpha 1.0 On the Web

I am finally ready with my SAS dataset reader/writer for .NET. It is written in 100% managed code using .NET 3.5. The dlls can be found
A sample .NET console application can be found in the program file entries after the installation.
Update 2/13/2010:
I am now testing this against a real-world project so I am finding little bugs here and there. These are being addressed for version If you need a build sooner than it is released, let me know.I have also found that you need at around 100+ observations for this to work correctly. I am investigating but keep that in mind while testing.[LATE BREAKING] I fixed the obs issue so I went ahead and uploaded the fixed version. Watch for breaking changes which are in the Readme.txt file. Update 2/29/2010Based upon Chris' work, I added in a console application that exposed my existing work. It allows for export of the sas7bdat to Excel, delimited, and XML. I will add in import at some point and have designed the interface as such. F…