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Silverlight, WCF, SAS, and Demos

I had a client ask, very nicely, if I could showcase some of my work to help make their internal sale. Well, this is all good to me since I could possible get some business in 2009 and I needed to do it anyway.

Well, the only time available was the holiday season so I cranked out a lot of code, learned a LOT about WCF and Silverlight, but was able to get my demo site built.

The site utilizes WCF to talk to SAS on the backend and expose SAS out as a service on the front-end. Things are very secure right now so I have held a lot of the 'what is possible' back so that I don't expose a security hole.

Here is the site:

Silverlight has been the most challenge simply because the tools are still a bit immature and the coding examples are thin, thin, thin but I love the possibilities. The more I work with Silverlight, the more I like it even if the syntax leaves me scratching my head at times.

The examples I put on the web use SAS as a local resource but SAS coul…

Consultants, Idealism, and the Real World

Today, I hit an absolute programming wall. I was deep into my code, client asking for a deliverable date, and I hit a deal-breaker coding moment. I think, we have all had those things happen. You're there in the bowels and suddenly find some code that simply is not going to work and may jeopardize the entire design.

What to do? Well, Google and hope for a miracle. In this case, i got fortunate and finally stumbled onto a solution late into the evening.

However, the issue made me start doing some more research into the particular area I had struggled with and was reading a lot about static vs dynamic languages (this post is not about that). C$ 4.0 recognizes this dilemma and is implementing it but it isn't available now. However, what a firestorm on the web over the addition of dynamic capabilities.

What I realized is how far off the idealists / zealots are from the consultant/business coder.

If I tell my client that I have to rearchitect the 100s of hours of coding, what are th…