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SAS & Excel Via Local Provider

A question came up on SAS-L for how to get Excel to read SAS datasets using the Data Sources within Excel. Here are some screenshots showing how it works:

Hash a SAS Value

Sometimes, it is good to be able to hash a value so that a unique key can be made into the data. For example, say you were looking at a system performance log. You have a PID, a process name, and a user. PIDs are reused by a system all of the time so trying to narrow down uniqueness throughout a day is hard.

It order to get a unique value, you could concatenate the values into one:

000789654 || WeeklyProcess || gertre5

We are assuming that there is no need to ever reverse the values. This is a key assumption.

There is an undocumented function in SAS called CRCXX1 that can create a unqiue hash. Here is some code illustrating it:

data A; input name :$200. gender :$8. state :$20.; x = compress(name||gender||state); y = CRCXX1(x); put x= y=32. ; datalines; Churchill,Alan Male Colorado Churchill,John Male Colorado ; run;
The results:

data A; 884 data A; 885 input name :$200. gender :$8. state :$20.; 886 x = compress(name||gender||state); 887 y = CRCXX1(x); 888 put x= y=32. ; 889 datal…