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SAS Deployment Manager and Meadow Muffins

Ok, so I am deep in the depths of the SAS Deployment Manager and am learning things the hard way (and spending time curled into a fetal position).

Ok, let's start with uninstall because it is this morning's pain point.

When creating a quiet uninstall, here is the command I was using:

"C:\Program Files\SAS 9.3.0 (SAS BI Solutions)\SASDeploymentManager\9.3\sasdm.exe" -uninstall -record -responsefile "c:\temp\uninstall2.txt"

I have highlighted in yellow my mistake. By including the -uninstall, the resulting responsefile was missing a critical component:


Why SAS does not ignore it, I am unsure of. How do you know it fails? Well, you don't easily. It seems to run, then just goes back to a command prompt. The sas.mif file will show a failure if you go and look at it:

cd %TEMP%
type sas.mif

Watch this issue on the install as well. Per the SAS documentation:

If you use any other command line options while using record, those options are not incl…