Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Silverlight, WCF, SAS, and Demos

I had a client ask, very nicely, if I could showcase some of my work to help make their internal sale. Well, this is all good to me since I could possible get some business in 2009 and I needed to do it anyway.

Well, the only time available was the holiday season so I cranked out a lot of code, learned a LOT about WCF and Silverlight, but was able to get my demo site built.

The site utilizes WCF to talk to SAS on the backend and expose SAS out as a service on the front-end. Things are very secure right now so I have held a lot of the 'what is possible' back so that I don't expose a security hole.

Here is the site:


Silverlight has been the most challenge simply because the tools are still a bit immature and the coding examples are thin, thin, thin but I love the possibilities. The more I work with Silverlight, the more I like it even if the syntax leaves me scratching my head at times.

The examples I put on the web use SAS as a local resource but SAS could easily be sitting on another server and be exposed via IOM or IntrNet (REST).

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