Sunday, November 07, 2010

Getting SAS/IntrNet Operational on IIS7

IIS7 is a major change in IIS. Don Henderson contacted me and asked if I could help get it working. It really isn't hard but involves a few steps.

How do you get SAS/IntrNet operational.

1. Enable CGI Role on Server through the Server Manager.

2. Add in your website in IIS. Right-click the scripts or cgi-bin directory where
the broker.exe is located and select Convert to Application.

3. While still having the scripts/cgi-bin folder selected, double-click on the handler mappings icon on the right-hand side. There should already be a listing for *.cgi at the top. Double-click on it --> Request restrictions --> Mapping --> Invoke --> File or Folder, Access --> Execute.

4. Click on the machine name in IIS. Click on ISAPI and CGI restrictions. Click on Add..., specify the full path to the broker.exe.

5. Optional: set up a host header.

Click on the Default website or on the website name. On the far right-hand side of the screen, click on bndings. Specify a host header (, for example).

See here for more details:

Good luck and contact me if you have issues.



DonH said...

Thanks Alan. Making it an application was the trick. I guess MS changed that since the last release. Leave it the MS to do $%^$%^%$#@% like that. Of course, that is why I asked for your help ;-)

Alan Churchill said...
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Alan Churchill said...

They (MS) need to make it simpler.

Not sure if you did them then backed them out but each step, including the host header, was required.

I never had to touch security which I was shocked by.

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