Monday, April 18, 2011

3-fer on StoredProcessService

Ok, well the major issues have been tackled except 1. How do you handle spaces in your NameValuePairs? Well, without the single quotes below, it kept splitting the values between the Sample and the Data. The single quotes hold it together.

Check this out:

string[] parms = new string[2]
@"datalib='X:\Data\Prognos\DemandForecasting\Sample Data'",

Notice the single quotes around the value? It took a long time to track that one down (thanks ThotWave).

Now it is simple to submit to SAS:

string newParms = string.Empty;
if (parms != null)
newParms = String.Join(" ", parms);
StoredProcessService sp = Common.SasLanguageService.StoredProcessService;
sp.Repository = storedProcLibrary;
sp.Execute(storedProcedureName, newParms);

I would ask R&D a simple question which is why isn't there an option on the SPS to specify the delimiter or am I missing a flag somewhere?

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