Monday, December 28, 2009

Progress on the sas7bdat

It is tough at times to be a consultant and get those side projects out of the way. That said, I finally had a chance to really work on the sas7bdat some more over the holidays. Not too much since my personal focus is my kids.

A really tough project interfered since the last time I played with it in September so I was looking forward to the holidays to pass another milestone.

Well, I just managed to create a 100 record dataset with 7 variables, char and numeric. My little Christmas gift to myself.

When I first started work on this project many moons back, I never expected that writing a dataset would be much more difficult than reading one. That was a major mistake. However, the writing has made me really discover a lot more about the structure and how it works plus I have had to step up my coding skills a bit to make it through.

Long road but finally happy to be here after so much time.

Happy New Year everyone.



Kenneth Yan said...


Happy New Year.

Alan Churchill said...

Thanks Kenneth, as always.

I ran it with 1000 records as a quick test and it worked immediately. Ran it with 100k obs and it did it in 2 secs or so but no issues.

It is burping on missing values right now so I need to validate data but I am getting there.

Just really need to work out the interface so it is easy to use for .NET developers. That's more thought than code.

Phil Rack said...

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel! That is good news that you have the layout of the sas7bdat down and can read and write native SAS datasets.

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