Monday, January 04, 2010

.NET Coders and the sas7bdat dll

I have been spending the last week working on how the interface to the sas dataset can be used by a .NET developer. It is of particular concern because once the initial dll is released, it will be hard to change it. Getting the interface 'mostly' correct is important.

After a lot of thought, here is what I have so far:

//Initiate logging


//Create SAS dataset object

SasDataSet ds = new SasDataSet();

//Add 4 variables

ds.AddVariable("AA1", "Var1");
ds.AddVariable("AA2", "Var2");
ds.AddVariable("AA3", "Var3", 10, SasVariableType.Character,"$5.","$7.");
ds.AddVariable("AA4", "Var4", 10, SasVariableType.Character);

//Add observations
//Bulk insertion

for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++)
object[] values = new object[] {1, 2, "Test_" + (i + 1).ToString("00#"), "Test2", "Test3", "Test4", "Test5"};
ds.AddObservation(i, values );

//Modify observation - Similar to a .NET dataset

ds.Observations[0]["AA1"].Value = "Test";

//Write dataset

ds.WriteDataSet("TEMP", @"c:\temp\test.sas7bdat");

//Stop logging


The area that was a challenge was adding observations since they are really an array across existing variable metadata.

The other area I am focused on is keeping the wording the same as how SAS would refer to things. Hence, observation instead of row and variable instead of column.

I have also been working on validation so that invalid data does not make it into the dataset. I can't prevent everything, but I am making a good faith effort to minimize it. Also, formats/informats have to be checked, name lengths, length values, dataset name, etc. all have to be verified to make sure they comply. So far, so good but more checking is underway.

While working on this, you realize how much effort has been put into the dataset by SAS over the years and how much work they have to go through to make things compliant and workable.


Kenneth Yan said...

Hi, Alan, do you want to publish the dll file when it is good enough?

Alan Churchill said...

I will be opening up an alpha soon. I want to run some more tests and make sure it is doing what I expect within reason. I know things will be encountered when it goes to the field but I would like to minimize it.

Getting the interface for the programmers sorted out was critical, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Alan, can you share dll?..

Alan Churchill said...

Contact CozyRoc at or contact me directly via my website at

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